Spray Equipment

To the professional sprayer, one of the most important things is the actual spray gun and pump.

These come in a variety of formats for different applications – Conventional Pot, Electric Airless, Pneumatic Airless, Air-assisted Airless, Turbine, and Double Diaphragm.

Double Diaphragm pumps are one of the most versatile units available – imagine the control of a conventional gravity spray gun without any restriction on spraying angle and with as much paint quantity available as you need for the job. A massive boost in productivity!!

On top of the obvious benefits above – consider a lightweight, compact, virtually maintenance free, robust, and inexpensive pump; suitable for spraying primers, topcoats, lacquers, enamels, adhesives, varnish, stains, and so on.

Well worth a second look.

Suction feed or gravity feed – the choice is yours with interchangeable hose/hopper. Two different pump sizes available to cover so many applications. Ready to spray packages with HTE gun & 7.5m hoses from as little as £995.00 + vat.


Of course, your application may not be the right one for a DD pump –

Maybe you do a lot of small site spraying and you need a portable turbine kit, or you spray large areas with one product and you need an airless pump…

Whatever your requirements, Technicoat has the answer – Please get in touch today!

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Delivering excellence

Delivering excellence

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Precise, superior quality

Precise, superior quality

Offering some of the finest coatings around, we can match exact colours with our digital technology.
Work with us

Work with us

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Important Announcement – From the 1st June 2018 all stock and operations of Technicoat Ltd will be transferred to Morrells Woodfinishes Ltd. All of the high quality wood finishing products previously supplied by Technicoat will be available through Morrells – please visit their website at www.morrells.co.uk where you will find contact details of your nearest branch. Thank you for your interest in our products.